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4 awesome years with JUMP

Today is my 4th anniversary in Hey! Say! JUMP fandom :) Omedetou, Shimona!!!

The great thing is, that today is also the release of AinoArika/Ai sureba Motto Happy Life single. So for the first time I didn't make any reservation and I just went to Tower Records, took it from the shelf and bought it. It felt nice :)

But anyway. I'm doing this every year. And every year I'm thanking them for their existence :D It's starting to get boring, so what should I say this year?

This year, I saw you 2 times. It was amazing and you did a great job (as always). I hope to see you all again next time, altough it won't be that soon, because I'm going back home. But I know we will meet again and maybe I will manage to be here on your 10th anniversary, at least I hope. By the mean time, do your best and....thank you!!! Really thank you for always cheering me up. And greet Ryu for me ;)

2013~2014 HSJ Premium Card Book (23)

Last month in Japan!?

Minna, ohisashiburi!

It's been really a while. Many things happened.

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Welcome New Year!!


I hope this year will become a very good year, at least as much as 2013 was :) I don't even know what to talk about, because I just wanted  to make my first post in this year...and now, I'm done with words :D


I attended the Perfume Tokyo Domo concert on December 25th. It was very very great. I think I can say: Going to concerts is my fav hobby. :D
It was my 3rd time in TD and so far the furthest seat I've ever had, but I still enjoyed it very much! Thank you for a great performance my precious girls!!

Now, just to wait another 23 days until my JW :) I still didn't decided whose demachi to attend. It's so hard to choose!!! Ugh! Someone help me!

And I'm still in love with my charming weird boyfriend. I would say, I love him every day more and more. It's embarrassing :D And it will be really hard to leave Japan. I have 2 months left. It's going to be very soon....
But I still love Johnny's as much as before! I actually have so many boyfriends...:D

Btw, did you know I still miss Ryu? I hope he is doing well, finishing high school soon! Wow! I wonder if he is aiming for university. He should go to Waseda, maybe we can meet there in few years lol:D

But ok....

I wish you all a great year!!! Stay happy and healthy!! See you!!

2014 or 2020?

I'm posting way too often for a person with JLPT in 6 days :D

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November talk

Hello everyone!!! ^^ (I'm mostly talking to myself, why am I getting so high?)

It's been a while!
Recently my internet is very slow and when I wanted to do a post last time, it just froze for so many times, that I didn't post it in the end.

These days, I really complain about japanese concerts and tickets...Here!Collapse )
I attended today the ABCZa 2013 Johnny's Densetsu.
It was AWESOME!!!

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Unexpected happenings

Hello everyone~!
It's been a while I did a post. Even the translating.....I totally ditched it for a while, I'm sorry to those who are waiting.

But actually I have a good reason.

1. The new school term have started. This term, I have many Japanese course subjects and almost nothing from my Art department. I feel kind of sad, but can't be helped. My advisor, who is also in charge of painting in my dept. is very busy this term and doesn't have many subjects to offer. Even one interesting I found is at the same time as my Japanese course, so I can't take it. Too bad.
But I hope to improve my Japanese a lot this semester! I'm taking a bit harder classes now, so I hope I can do my best with it!

2.This will be maybe a bit surprising, but.....I got a boyfriend!!! Wow it's really embarrassing to announce it here. But I feel like I can give a good advice in future for some fangirls lol:D Or maybe not.

Maybe my followers know about Y-kun, but that's already in the past. He is super nice, but he as a boyfriend was impossible for many reasons. Maybe the biggest reason was, he didn't like me that way :D
Anyway, during the summer, I got pretty close to M-kun. Until summer, I didn't pay much attention to him, because he still had a girlfriend. But they broke up and we started to hang out more and more. Maybe it will sound stupid, but for me, who wasn't in a relationship for many many years is this feeling very strange. I'm still not really aware that we are going out. That we are together. Because now it's so natural to be around him. I'm really grateful to him for liking someone like me.

And yes, he is younger and ikemen :D Good for me, yay! XD

That's it. Now back to my studies, because thanks to him, I didn't get to study for 3 days! Bye!!


The continuation of the fanletters-feelings of gratitude series.

I'm also planning to translate the 3 pages of juniors: Matsuda Genta, Matsukura Kaito, Kakuta Yusei, Vasayegh Hikaru, Hayashi Ippei, Muraki Ryota, Kurita Kei, Tanimura Ryuichi, Sugeta Rinne.
If there is someone who wantsTajima Shogo, Inaba Manaya and Takahashi Kaito, then please tell me otherwise I will skip them. I don't know them and this is already way too many jrs for translating and I don't know if these 3 boys have some fans here XD This is seriously a challenge for me and it will take a lot of time.

You can re-translate this, but if you want to repost my English translation, please link people here, to my LJ!

Okay, but now to these 4 precious boys :)
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Happy B-day!

It's already past 3 am here, so it's 29th September.
And that means....

Happy 18th birthday Kishi Yuta!!! Oh seriously....you are already 18?! I still remember you, when you were 15, doing your wild spins in Shounen Club during With You. Until now I love that song mostly because of that time. When Shori was awkward, Kaoru was in a different world, Kento and Fuma still the same :D
But anyway, I wish you all the best! Eat properly, keep your phone in a manner mode, so you won't embarrass yourself with a birdy sound, stay the same nice, charming, funny person as you are and continue doing your best :) I hope to see you soon again!
Be happy!!!

a bit late, but at that time, I was on a trip in Kansai.
But Happy belated 16th birthday Miyachika Kaito!! You are also getting bigger and bigger, right?:D I really hope your wishes will come true. Never give up in anything you love. Be happy! :)

And as a memory of the great Junilan, I'm adding 3 screenshots of these 2 birthday boys :)

Clipboard04 Clipboard08lol
This is my most favorite photo of Miya, taken by himself :D

Hello Goodbye

Somehow so many good and bad things happened recently that now, I'm left here with a confused mind and don't know how to feel about anything.

But what was I feeling recently is, that I'm really blessed in this life. I'm really lucky.
Lucky to be able to be here, in Japan and to experience these great things.

I feel like I need to be more grateful for everything.

2 days ago, I went to see my very special singer, Otsuka Ai. It was the first time I saw her live and seriously...one hour before the beginning, when I found my seat, looked at the stage and saw it clearly in front of my eyes, I started to cry. Not because my seat was quite behind of course :D But I was there, my another dream came true and I couldn't believe it. I was so happy. I can't describe the happiness, whe she first came up to the stage, I cried even more. I can't describe these feelings towards her. It's something different than Johnny's. I just feel like she is my old self, still dreaming. Still worried about the future. I feel like I really met my old self, when I first started to think about going to Japan. And now, I'm here, seeing her live, singing Neko ni Fuusen and it finally hit me: This is my happiness, this is my life.
Thank you, really thank you, Ai-chin.

In other news, Hey! Say! JUMP became 6 years old yesterday.
You worked hard until now, but don't loose energy and do your best even from now on. I...no, WE will always support you. :)

And a very big THANK YOU to Kishi Yuta, who is a very charming, funny person and just started a battle with Tanaka Juri in my "ranking" :D Well, good luck to both of you :D

But you know what? Johnny's Jr Land is going to end on Sunday. I feel very sad. It was the most interesting and entertaining Johnny's show ever. And not just this. We could see the growth, improvement and every intreresting parts of current junior generation. How they bit by bit became real idols. How they did their best in everything placed in front of them. How they became friends. How they enjoyed doing this job.
Now, it's gone. I will miss this show very very much. Oh really....what will I do T_T

batsu geemu
The first screen I ever took of this show, don't remember which ep it was, but one of the first ones. Oh, so small!

Ugh, I don't want to finish this post with a sad thing.
Random fact: I cleaned my room today and it's very nice :)


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