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Post after a year! (almost)

It's been maybe the longest while I posted something. Nobody is gonna read it anyway, byt I wanted to do some update on my life.

So how have I been?
Well, it was maybe the hardest year of my life. But also incredible in many ways.

School: I finally graduated! It was stressfull, because I had lots of part-time job and not so much time for studying, but I successfully got my bachelor's degree in art education.
Maybe some of you know, but my dream was to study Japanese in university, but I never passed the exams. I tried really many times. And when I was thinking now what to do, I decided I will give it one more try. But this time Japanese studies in Master's programme. I always studied Japanese by myself plus went to one year exhange, but I didn't really have the confidence to pass this exam. Everyone else was Japanese studies students, so I decided to make it an advantage me not being an Japanese studies student. And it worked! I passed both universities I applied for. I thought it's a miracle. Now, when I calmed down a bit I started to think about how hard it will be for me actually. But I will do my best and try for another exchange in Japan. I don't know what's waiting for me, but even if I do well, or if I fail, I think that's how it should be.

Work: Finally, I'm going to quit my bookstore part-time job after 1 year and half, because my new uni is going to be in Prague, so I have to move. I was the longest running part-time worker. Aside from that, I worked for a language school, I was teaching Japanese. I also started to teach individually and I'm very happy to have this experience.It was fun.
I'm also still doing volunteer work with organizing Japanese and Korean culture festival, but this year I got advanced to some kind of a leader, so I'm getting busy.

Love: I'm still dating my Japanese boyfriend. He is now doing exchange in America, but after that (in 2 months) he is coming to visit me in Slovakia again! I'm so so so soooo happy! The time we meet, it will be 13 months we didn't see each other. Incredible, right? And also it will be our 2nd anniversary. Finally we can celebrate it together. Lots of things happened, but I think we both grew together into better persons and we learned a lot. I miss him as hell and I do think long-distance relationship sucks, but it also gave me so much experience in life. I will never regret stepping into this. It will still continue for some time, but I will do my best.

Johnny's: NO TIME AT ALL! I really have to time for Johnny's. That really sucks. But I'm trying to keep watching Shounen Club at least. But I watched JUMP's album dvd, where they talked about the album and the group and it really felt heartwarming. They are great people, I love them.

I think that's it for now. As for my next trip to Japan, I stil haven't decided. I would love to go next spring, but as our universities here are stupid and they don't have spring holidays, I can't...

See you!



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