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Hey Minna!

I'm still alive.
A great announcement at the beginning, right?

It's been a bit more than a month I've started my new part-time job. To be honest, it's pretty tiring. It's a bookstore, but a bit unusual one. We are selling older books at a very cheap prize, but not second-hand. So we are practically the busiest bookstore in the city. I get exhausted very quickly and when I have 2 shifts a day, it's a killer. Plus the salary is....well.... a true czech salary if you know what I mean. I have to save money, because my kareshi will come in September and we want to travel Slovakia, which is not expensive, but still, I want it to be a good trip, not a poor one. Bit it's haaaaaard to save money! Ugh, I hate this.

This past month, I was very very depressed. Long-distance relationship is stressfull, annoying, depressing, frustrating....At one point I thought I won't be able to survive through it. And it's only 2 and half month I last saw him. I didn't imagine even myself that I will be feeling so....so unable to do anything. I advice you my dear friends, never try long-distance. It's painful!
But don't worry, recently I got better. I don't even know why. I started to look forward to September already like it is tomorrow :D
I hope I will get even better and welcome him with a smile. Although I will say goodbye in tears again -_- He will visit only for 2 weeks. Ugh again.

BUT! I decided on some very important things in my life:
1. I will go to Japan in March 2015 to visit my kareshi before he goes to his exchange programme to US. It will be also only for 2 weeks (because no money + I will be graduating soon at that time), but he promised me already a trip to Hiroshima (finally!), so I'm quite happy.

2. I decided more specifically on my future job. As I'm totally stupid and can't do anything I had 2 choices. Art or languages. And as I don't like the idea to destroy the last bits of my love for art, I'm going for languages. The thing is, I can't only focus on Japanese, because if I live in Japan, then....what to do, right? I wouldn't be able to find a proper job. So I decided to take advantage of my English and German and polish it to some good level. I will attend a course for CAE (Certificate of Advanced English) and then do the exam for certifikate. Still not sure about German, as I can understand, read and speak, but can't write (never learned German in school, got everything from tv). But I already bought a textbook and starting to learn grammar etc. Then I was thinking that only these 2 languages are not enough if I'm going to focus only on them. I decided to learn French. It's been my dream for very long time to know 5 different languages. I mean, really KNOW. And with this, I can come closer to my dream. I will be starting from scratch, but I think it will be fun. I don't like Spanish, Russian is too easy for me, French sounds nice and I have my dear N-chan, which can be some motivation. Maybe when I go to France in summer 2015 as I plan, I will be able to speak a bit French with her ^_^
(but the pronunciation is so hard for me!!! N-chan tasukete!!!)
And JLPT N2 in December :)

3.With all this, I finally got to the point, when I don't care about living in Japan. My biggest problem was, that I wasn't sure about the job. But now I think, that if I can work in an international job, it doesn't matter where. Japan is okay :) (and I can attend Johnny's shows my whole life muhahahaha!!!)

I think that's all. It's really a while I had a new goal/dream. Because my biggest ones were going to Japan for a trip, which came true 3 years ago(OMG already!?) and an exchange programme in Japan last year. After that I was pretty much lost. But now I know, what to do next and I'm very enthusiastic about it :)
To study 4 languages at one time is a bit crazy and I still need to find a good way to do it, but I definitely won't give up. And I have to find the 5th one sometime in future! XD But that can wait another 3 years :D

Oh, this is a very long post. Sorry I was just writing my mind out.

Do I really have the time to write a long post in the middle of exam period?! -_-

Anyway at the end I will just say: Freaking looking forward to JUMP's new album! Already pre-ordered, yay!

See you next time!



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