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[sticky post] Hey! Say! JUMP single sales rankings

I decided to share here the rankings I put together some time ago. I also plan to update it every time they release a new single. There might be some mistakes as I didn't count all of it by myself.

Note: I put it into order by the highest sales, not by the releases. But the singles are properly marked with date and number.
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This is what represents myself. I won't force you to read this, but I think it's enjoyable and maybe motivating :)


And the little things about me:

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Post after a year! (almost)

It's been maybe the longest while I posted something. Nobody is gonna read it anyway, byt I wanted to do some update on my life.

So how have I been?
Well, it was maybe the hardest year of my life. But also incredible in many ways.

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Happy 5th Anniversary in JUMP fandom!!!!!

Happy 5th Anniversary to me in Hey! Say! JUMP fandom!!!

Finally, it's 5 years.
5 great years.
5 best years!

In these past years, I've seen so much of you. Happy, also sad times. Awesome singles, great albums, long waitings, also some boring songs. Good hairstyles, horrible colors, nice styles, embarassing costumes and so much more :D

Thanks to you guys, seriously really thanks to you, I made my dreams come true. I really can't imagine my life without you. It's true that lately I'm sooooo busy and I don't even have time to watch your shows, but you all will be always my number one motivation for my dreams. Not my boyfriend, not any other Johnny's, it will be you, my beloved Hey! Say! JUMP.
Yabu, Takaki, Ino-chan, Hikaru, Dai-chan, Keito, Yama-chan, Yuto, Chinen. And Ryutaro.Thank you and yoroshiku!



I'm still alive!

New school semester has began ( yeah I still didn't graduate) and I feel like this will be one of the hardest semesters ever.
But I don't want to talk about school.

I really miss Japan. I miss is it so much. I'm surprised even myself. Before, I never wanted to live there. But the more I think about it the more I want to live there. Work there. Go to concerts. And be with my kareshi. Yeah, still in a long distance.
Actually, he has visited me in Slovakia!!! It was only for a short time (less than 2 weeks), but we had the best time.
Now is it my turn to visit him. I'm planning a small trip to Japan in March 2015. Hoping to see some Johnny's concert at that time too :D
Wow, I still love Johnny's so much. They are really ruining my life even now. How's that possible?!

Today I finished Suikyuu Yankees and it was really great. I didn't expect it to be such a great drama. Funny, heartwarming, nice cast. The ending was predictable, but still dramatic. Looking forward to more dramas with Yamazaki Kento or Ohara Sakurako.
Nakajima Yuto with blond hair looks horrible, but after some time I got used to it and even enjoyed his acting. (which I usually don't like)

And happy belated 17th birthday Miyachika Kaito!! And soon to be 19 Kishi Yuta! (omg already?!)

I should go sleep.


Hey Minna!

I'm still alive.
A great announcement at the beginning, right?

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New job and still lovey dovey


Back to reality

Hey guys!
It's been more than 3 weeks I left Japan.
I forgot to share my vlog I did, when I came back home. I used all the footage I didn't use until now.
Enjoy my 1 year : VLOG 07

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バィバィJAPAN~See you again~

It's here.
I'm leaving Japan today.
It's SO strange.
I can't imagine I will be home, in Slovakia by tomorrow.
I don't even know what to write.

This was the best year of my life so far.
I traveled Japan, I went to many shows, I made many friends and I got a boyfriend. What can be better than this?
Hehe, I hope there still can be something better, because I'm not going to give limits to being happy. Altough sometimes.....it's scary to be that happy. Of course I was also sad these past months, but that doesn't beat the times I was happy.

I made a huge progress in Japanese. I think...:D
When I arrived in Japan, the first 4 moths I was frustrated like hell, because I couldn't speak at all. I tried, but it was very hard.
I think, the beginning is hard for anyone. For someone it's harder, for someone not that much. But I will be always grateful for having this chance to study in Shizuoka University.
It doesn't have a good prograam for studying Japanese. But you are surrounded by people, who will support you in your studies more than anywhere else. I mean....isn't it better to speak with everyone in Japanese rather then taking a great program, but which is in English?
And LOVE circle was the best thing. Without it, I think I would most probably be sitting here, witout any Japanese friend and boyfriend. Alone...in the dark..:D.. (just kidding)

What else?
Well, I'm leaving Japan today, but that's not my last visit. I know it. I have dreams. And it's my mission to make them true in this one short life.

Okay, I should be finishing my packing, I hope they will let me through check in with that horribly heavy suitcase and cabin luggage.

As my transfer is in Dubai, I will just say at the end: バィバィJAPAN~See you again~


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